Posers in the KISS Army

I'll start by admitting up-front that I am not the biggest KISS fan, but I went to the concert to have a good time and catch an impressive show. My experience was almost ruined by four douchbags dressed up like KISS. Yes, you looked impressive and you appeared to be big KISS fans - why else would you dress up like the band? BUT you guys spent the majority of the concert with your backs turned to the stage while drunk people asked you for your picture. You guys paid less attention to the show then the bored 6-year old 10 feet away from us. Thanks for attracting drunk twits to our area while almost hitting me in the face 5 times with your foam guitar. You if want to pretend to be fans of a band in order to garner attention, please do it far from people who actually want to see the show.

---Pissed At Posers

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