What is with the Racism and Anti Semitism

I am so fed up with racism I'm tired of white people calling black people the n word and all sorts of other things. I'm tired of the blacks calling white people crackers and all that shit. I'm tired of people making fun of Asian people! I'm tired of the Natives being made fun of. I'm tired of the Arabs being made fun of. Now to the jewish people I here so many Jew jokes during the week and I am fucking fed up with it, I grew up with a Jewish family down my street and I played with their kids growing up I did not know the difference I never cared. Growing up in a small town in B.C I had black neighbours again didn't care. Like what is the problem with people are you really that bored that you have to pick on another person because of the color of their skin? I never and still never care if my friends are black, white, arab,jewish,christian, Native or Asian. It doesn't matter to me why should it?

--- tired of trash

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