Why no nice people exist

I try, I try and I try some more to be the nice guy, and it gets me FUCKED all the time. Everyone walks all over me, don't you appreciate the things I do? All anyone can think about is themselves and no one else, and the few sorry assholes (myself included) who do give a shit get trampled on. Well I'm tired of being nice, I really am. I'm tired of giving my home, patience and time to unworthy jackasses who treat me like a convenience and take advantage of my home and belongings. I blame the torrents of assholes I've known for this, I use to be nice, I use to throw money at events for the groups I was part of, and people I thought mattered. Well fuck all of you, I have my own life and I think ill be joining you on the ranks of fucking assholes, except I wont be leeching off other and using them, I'm keeping to myself, my kindness has expired, Fuck Off. My Family are the only people who matter now.

---Defeated former nice guy

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