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Thanks to all for their comments and advice. I posted my Bitch so that said ex would shit her drawers thinking that there might actually be some ramifications for her actions. My husband did send her on her way, telling her he was happily married ( a follow up email from her gave me this) but I'm pissed that she is still trying to keep in touch with him through chatty emails for which he replies with one liners and statements like "good luck" so you would think she would get the hint. He has admitted that he loves the fact that after totally sucking him dry financially and emotionally, it DOES feel good to tell her how great things turned out for him. I have no worries of him cheating with her or anyone, for that matter. What I was pissed about was the fact that this person is supposed to be getting married soon and here they are tapping on my door, seeing if there is any chance of reconcilation with their now married ex-boyfriend. And its been years, too! I mean, if he had contacted her before we were to be married, I can guarantee you the wedding wouldn't have taken place so even tbough my husband has put the run on her, shouldn't she sweat it out a bit, wondering if that post if about her? Wouldn't it be cool to send him (fiancee) her emails the morning of? So, SHE'S the cheat. My husband is only guilty of wanting to let her know he won the lottery before he said bye, bye. Would everyone on here want to know that their fiancee was trying to get back with their ex, even though the attempt failed? Up until early July, this chick thought she didn't have anything to lose by just trying...and I just wanted to let her know she does.

That's right bitch, one more email, even one of those cutsey forwarded ones that you send to everyone in your contacts list, is going to land you in the dog house with your fiancee cause if he knew the things you said, he would freak. Your just a pathetic joke to us but your fiancee won't be laughing.

---The Last One Standing

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