Plastic Ponchos!??

OK, where do we live? Does it rain here for half the year?...Yes!...Has it always and will it forever?...Of course! Who can't get it into their head to invest in a proper rain jacket that is RE-USABLE?? Stones concert last year, Kiss concert this year, pissing down rain from the morning on..Right? Half the people show up either in no rain coat or buy a disposable piece of crap see-through garbage bag rain poncho. If I rub up against you with a piece of Velcro your coat becomes useless. What is the deal? Does nobody watch the weather? Is there a shortage on ten dollar jackets that last you a lifetime? NO!! Rain coats are available! Make the investment. Don't pretend you live in the desert, and don't fill the landfills with your ugly garbage body condoms.


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