Stop wasting money on Bums

To all those "kind hearted" and "self-less" people who hand over thier cash to the bums... wow, you're really doing the world a favor. Every day these "full time" bums ask me to give up some of my hard earned money. Why should i? And why are the same bums asking me the same question day after day after day? Oh, thats right, because so many fools in Halifax are keeping them in business! Don't you realize that the money you're giving them is not really doing any good? The same bums will still be on Spring Garden road 2 years from now doing the exact same thing that they're doing now. Get a clue. If you morons didn't give them so much money.. then they wouldn't be there, and then I wouldn't get harrassed every fucking day. Fuck. If you feel an urge to be charitable there are much better ways to do it. Hey, I've owe thousands of dollars to Canada Student Loans, can you spare a few bucks?

---Works hard for her money

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