Nothing makes my eyes bleed more than the last 7 episodes of the Gomer Times. Okay, Coast, you're restructuring, I get it. So there's only two comics instead of three. And the bitch section now only posts the bitches, and not the comments at the bottom. And I'm forced to look at Sea Dogs advertisements while I'm there, fantastic.

Here's a thought. If it's not broken, don't change it. One Million Mouths was a strange comic, some people may not have liked it - hey, but at least it had some sort of artistic integrity. This shit that you publish now looks like it was created my a 12 year old who stayed past his bedtime to gorge on coco puffs.

No seriously. I'm sick of this bad-drawing-is-art trend that seems to run rampant in the hipster culture, and now, it has it's own comic. Pathetic.

---Bastard Fish

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