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Ankle socks. Now the name is slightly misleading. If it was a true ankle sock, it would cover your ankle , but guess what !? It doesn't ! It leaves your ankle bare ..NAKED to the harsh elements. And free to be looked at. WHO the hell wants to look at bony nasty ass ankles ?? There are nutbars out there who would just looove to see your granola sporting hairy ape ankles. NARSTY.

Second they pose posture and back problems. The problem with ankle socks is that half way through the day they end up half way down your foot all bunched and being gay. So now your limping or gimping with half your sock jammed under your foot. And everybody thinks your a retard who's not wearing socks with sneakers. Just what I always wanted !

And finally, I have a kick ass collection of mismatched socks. Why? You see the dryer eats and destroys one sock at time. Its an evil plot against me, so I end up with no two socks looking alike. So you might as well kiss those fuckers goodbye. No socks for you. You can stand there and WATCh that effing washer and peep in from time to time. And you could stalk the dryer. But both are sneaky bastards. It will blow lint in your eyes and make loud assualting nosies to your ear dreams, disperse smelly fumes of ocean water and water Lilly shit to scare you off. It may even vibrate to the right slightly to throw you off. It's no use to fight these ninja warriors of metal.

So now your sock has been effed off to another dimension. Sooo *smooch* thats right Im kissing the stupid midget fucktard sock goodbye. If the washer devours my normal sized socks, its going to rip the ankle sock right out of hand. In fact I might worry about my arm being ripped right off the bone socket by the washer/dryer in an attempt to get the treasure and so 'highly' guarded midget .. I mean ankle sock.


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