Yeah I know, another bus bitch

I don't usually pick on transit operators or passengers but after 14 trips on our system today I need to make a few comments:

Transit operators changing shifts around 1pm today - Don't piss off the passengers on the 52 Burnside by demanding the driver wait for your co-workers as they slowly make they way off their buses at the end of their shifts. The bus was almost 10 minutes late getting to the bridge terminal and one of your older female drivers felt the need to get off the 52 and walk around the terminal and trailer to see if any other drivers wanted a ride. Do like the rest of us and wait for the next bus if you miss your connection but don't make us later than the bus already was.

Passengers - I noticed a few reasons why buses get behind schedule even though traffic is light:

Waiting at the bus stop? Have your money or pass ready for boarding. You've been at the stop a couple of minutes anyway and it just dawned on you that you have to pay to get on?

Getting off the bus at the next stop? Be ready in advance. The rest of us don't appreciate being held back while you slowly figure out how to get yourself and baggage out of the seat, into the aisle and out the door. If possible be at the door when the bus gets to the stop, thats what the stanchions (poles), rails and seatback handles are for, to steady yourself when the bus is still moving. Transit system operators would close the door and take you to the next stop if you dragged your ass in Montreal, Calgary or other large cities who understand the need to keep on time.

Exiting - I don't care if you use the front or back door to exit but those waiting to enter the bus at the front should wait for people to exit first. You'll save time if we don't have two-way traffic fighting in both directions and its been a long-standing bit of transit etiquette for those wishing to board to stand aside and let those using the front door to come down the stairs first.

And on a few other topics - The newer buses are equipped with air conditioning so opening all the windows lets the cold air out before it ever gets away from the vents located just above the windows. However one or two windows open at the back will trick the auto climate system into thinking it needs to pump out more cold air... great on those really hot/muggy days.

Manners at the bus stops - even in a rush-rush city like Montreal people wait in single file to board the buses in a first come, first on basis. Is there a reason people feel the need to rush the door like cattle, often mowing over the elderly and youngsters?

Strollers - Parents, please buy a non-SUV-sized model for taking on the buses! I was on a bus today that had 4 large strollers blocking the aisle in front and by the rear doors. You can get a quality small sized stroller at Sears and other merchants for under $80. The large ones simply impede other passengers and make it look like you don't care about anyone else's ability to use the buses.

--- voice_of_reason

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