Im a lover, not a fighter.

tonight at about 1245am i was walking up the road, you three were walking towards me, probably coming from a certain concert in dt dartmouth, mouthing something to me, so I took out my ear buds. You, beer bottle in hand, clearly drunk, told me to give you my "stuff". Before I even had the chance to say I didnt have any "stuff", you sucker punched me in the jaw. what the fuck? why? im like half your size and probably the least threatening person in the world. i stood there, shocked at what just happened, and you three continued to come at me, thank god i had a knife. you guys walked one way, and i walked the other. have you guys nothing better to do than go around terrorizing the public? i hope someday you get out numbered and jumped, and then pissed on. YOU are what gives this city a bad name, YOU are what makes people scared of their own community. and youre gonna rot in hell for it. the only bonus in what happened tonight, is that i think you fixed the clicking in my jaw.

---disapointed in humanity.

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