South Park Slowdown

On Sunday afternoon at the South Park and Victoria I stepped right in front of you at the crosswalk (button properly pushed) because you were speeding too fast through my hood and you needed to go down a peg. I’m a tall bastard so I know you saw me coming up to the curb and sped up. What’s the rush? You were heading into a one-lane construction site already blocked with cars. Thanks for calling me a Braindead Asshole and flipping me off while accelerating back to fucktard velocity. I reacted, without thinking, by flashing you a backwards peace sign. British Long Bowmen made that symbol at the French to show off their two intact bow-drawing fingers, it translates to “fuck you, I’ve still got mine”. I wanted to clear the air and make sure you didn’t think it was a peace offering, you non-contributing zero.


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