Vet Rip Off

The Low-down: I took my dog in for his yearly checkup and shots on Monday. I requested that the vet look at his nails to cut them, she stated they were not nearly long enough to cut, "they will be fine for a while". Flash forward 2 days, my wife is out for a walk with our 4 legged friend, his dew claw cracks and turns itself into his paw. The wife rushes him down to the vet, they state they will have to give him a pedicure (20.00), sedate him, then reverse sedation, bandaging and the cost for the visit itself. The kicker, they charged the 20$ for the nail cutting that I asked about on the Monday and if performed, more than likely this accident never happens.

If you wanted to fuck me over, I could have gladly bent over on Monday for you. To charge for the exact procedure I asked about on Monday is just morally wrong. Sure be nice if anyone knows of a vet who is most concerned about the well being of our pets rather that fattening their wallets.


---Pissed Pet Owner

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