You, your ass and your purse are wasting my valuable time

What the hell is it with some women and their purses? I am not saying they are all disrespectful but I have come across quite a few lately that are. Picture this. Long line up at the checkout of a local department store. This lady stands there with her purse and purchases. Finally has everything rung through, gets her total then goes digging through her purse to get her wallet. Then digs through her wallet to get her selected card she wishes to pay with. Then after all that instead of moving the fuck out of the way she stands at the cash and puts everything the fuck back away tying up the cashier in order to reorganize her life. And of course has to zip the thing up and do up the cute little fucking buckle. Same thing at the bank the other day. And oh same at the convenience store, and downtown produce specialty store. What about the gas station? Yup same thing there. I mean come the fuck on. You can have a purse but be mindful that your inability to keep yourself organized is wasting my time. Have everything all ready and for god sake and move the fuck out of the way when you are completing your housekeeping.

---Tired of purses

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