Commute-icate your frustrations elsewhere.

Heading home from the Lawrencetown Beach on Monday I was entering the Halifax approach to the McKay. It was 5'ish, but not too busy for an evening rush hour. A 30-something man in military uniform, brownish SUV thingy, merged from my right. He was crossing numerous lanes and was obviously disappointed that my ESP wasn't working. I guess I didn't let him in as he would have liked or perhaps assumes he deserves. He had come across numerous lanes already and I could not tell when his lane-merging festival would be over. At my wife's side of the car he voiced a few very unprintable words (I'm an elementary school teacher, so I won't print them:). He then looked in my car...and, I believe he actually thought for a moment, perhaps for the first time in several minutes. He saw my 3 year old daughter and her friend sitting in the car, laughing, and singing. His face turned away from us in the most cowardly way. He messed up. This car wasn't an aggressive fellow commuter, battling him for supreme position to cross the bridge. I wasn't the enemy that held him up those very vital few minutes every day. Nope. I was a father, taking his child and her little buddy on a summer adventure to the beach. I was a husband, spending time with his wife. I was a guy, who, in no way was out to get him. Oooppss. We entered toll lanes side by side, he had since moved over to a lane on my side. He was unable to look over his head pointed directly over the wheel, he was obviously quiet now (sad, no dignity for an apology even!) I yelled to his open window, "You need to relax, my friend!" and off he went.

I just want him to know that, although I am sure he must have had a bad day or is unhappy in some way with his life or events in the world, please, my kid and her friends don't need to hear about it. Perhaps thinking about your commute in a more positive light could help you. I bike in, that sure helps the ol' road rage. Maybe, listen to CBC and have a coffee. I don't know, ask around, I am sure you'll find some other ideas, better than yelling at other people and swearing in front of 3 year olds. I forgive you already, because I am sure that for the rest of your commute home you felt very small. Perhaps you will use it as a crux to change something in your life to gain some happiness or perspective. Or maybe, you'll just be back at it again in the morning rush. Living for self, taking-no-prisoners on your charge to work. I hope, and believe in the more positive reaction...but do you? So slow down, breath, and relax...and if you can't, at least watch your mouth around my kid.


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