I'd take a frat boy party house for neighbours any day over you.

Dear assholes upstairs,

I'm a pretty tolerant person, and an even more tolerant neighbour. I get that when you live in an old building, you have to listen to shitty music through the walls from time to time, and will catch bits and piece of strange conversations through the walls, hell I don't even care when I occasionally hear raucous sex noises through the wall.

I'm even kind of over the fact that you insist on dragging around everything in your apartment at all hours of the day instead of picking it the fuck up and moving it so the people below your aren't constantly listening to your shit screeching across the floor (maybe not as over that I might have thought) - but now you've crossed the line from occasionally shitty neighbors to the most ignorant people I've ever had to share a wall/ceiling with.

Stop playing your stupid drum beat/alarm clock at 5:40am EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Do you really think you're not waking people up with a drum track that gets successively louder as it plays? Even the meth dealing rednecks I shared a wall with briefly were a more considerate people than you.

---Can't wait until you move.

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