Wishing for better waste reduction

To the HRM Recyclables program, YOU CAN DO MORE! I am a concerned citizen who loves the city I live in, and I want you to do more for me! Make it easier to dispose of yogurt containers, margarine containers, and advertise that we can recycle number 4 packaging (not all, but most) for example, the toilet paper that is environmentally friendly is in number 4 packaging which I can recycle, but I had to call the city to figure out where the packaging is supposed to be disposed of! AND to the public STOP LITTERING! the garbage is right there! Don't you want to have kids?

Finally, to the restaurants using styrofoam-STOP IT! I WANT THIS WORLD TO SURVIVE PAST 2012! HELP ME BUY YOUR FOOD by using number 1 or 2 plastic packaging instead of Styrofoam because until you do, I will not buy anything from you, and this goes to the ethical coffee wrapped in environmentally unfriendly packaging too. I want to have kids, but you are stealing my right to have a future with your environmentally unfriendly packaging.

Help me buy your stuff by using responsible packaging. The future of the environment is up to us


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