Class Act

I am a 20's self made type female, who had recently started seeing someone in a different field of work but with about the same career prospects. We are both goal-oriented and accomplished in our own way. Here's the thing. He has something going on in his life right now that's making him temporarily very broke. So I opened up a bit more than I usually would, so early on anyway, about my past/ life growing up (picture the kid that had 3 shirts for the school year and was about 30 pounds underweight). I was sort of saying a, do what you have to... you can live off 35 bucks a week (after bills) no's not so bad kind of thing. I don't know.

But apparently, this is huuuuge a turn off. Like it's okay for him to be broke, but its not very feminine? Not good enough somehow? Makes me an outsider in whatever club you are in? So it's not enough that my class background has to be very carefully treated so as not to be a professional disadvantage, now its a dating thing too. FUCKING GREAT. The saddest part is he is one of the least pretentious people with parallel prospects that I have met in a long, long time.

Guess I should meet my guys on a bus that stops by a warehouse. Like I used to :P


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