Two Weeks ?

What's up with this women who got busted for downloading child porn and only received a two week sentence that she can serve on weekends? What the fuck is up with that? They said she wasn't the kind of lady who would do that and she was supposedly downloading it for her husband. Again What the fuck! Lets see if that works for the next man who gets busted huh ? that is bullshit if your downloading child porn then you are disgusting weather or not its for you or your husband, seriously who would want to be with a man who likes to see kids doing sexual things anyway. I am pissed about this fuck her, I am sure she knew it was wrong and GROSS so why should she get off easy ? because she is a women ? Fuck that! Should have gave her the same punishment that any man would have got.I bet she doesn't even end up on the list for these sorts of people.Equal rights yeah right....

---Bullshit ...

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