Oh Nova Scotia

As I leave Canada in less than 24 hours, I must bitch about a couple of things:

Why is the gas tax higher and the roads shit? In many places, gas tax is half as much and the roads are much better maintained. You guys need to get on your leaders about that, because they're robbing you.

Why doesn't Halifax have light rail? Madison, WI, a city half the size, is getting ready for it right now. Traffic would go down so much.

Speaking of traffic, this is to all the dumbasses that don't understand a freeway: keep right, pass left. Sitting in the left lane cruising next to another car the same speed is dangerous. I know that freeways don't connect both the east and the west of Canada, but that's still not an excuse.

Speaking of which, why is there no good system of roads connecting this country? Why do you have to go through the U.S. to stay on freeway to get out west? That's a disgrace. And Canadians can do better, and you should.

We love you guys a lot, and you are good people. But your politicians are robbing you of a lot, too. Kick them out and start over. After 8 long years, we finally did the right thing in the U.S. Now, let's get rid of the far right for good.

¡Adiós amigos!

---Dumbass that Left Home

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