Active Father- sure..

As much as I do hate you down to your core- our son adores you- try picking up the phone when we call NIGHTLY so he can tell you he loves you- I know you've moved on and I'm supposed to be "broken hearted" but I'm not- I'm simply trying to be a damn good mother- and you prove time and time again that all you care about is you. Thanks for letting down our little boy time and time again, why can't you just leave and stop pretending you actually care about our little boy? You haven't paid me a cent since I left you- and you were heart broken for all of a week before your new Barbie showed up. You say your an active role in our son's life- but you are a dead beat- hope next time you reproduce you actually play an active and healthy role in your child's life.

---being mommy and daddy

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