Lake Lovers

To the hotel sitting on a lake in Halifax,

I have been coming a peaceful and pretty grassy spot to enjoy the sun and the lake for at least ten years now. As your hotel can't seem to keep a name or management, I've been able to use the spot because your hotel stayed empty for many years.

Now you're kicking out locals that peacefully use the spot, even calling the police on them, well, that's not very neighbourly. If you're concerned about your "guests" consider that your hotel has been under construction for years, and there are probably more people using the grassy space than using your accomodations. If the property is just for these said "guests" do you think people new to Halifax want to sit on your property all day? No, they want to explore. Don't have a big bbq for your neighbours then treat them like this. Threatening just means we'll start spreading the word about your business practices.

Sell the land back to HRM, or charge a fee to use the space, honestly, most of us would be willing to pay a fee every summer to use the space. We're respectful, and enjoy the solitude, we don't want to have to go to the dirt-sand spot across the lake filled with screaming children. We've been coming to the spot longer than your hotel name has been there, please consider that, and consider your public relations, which you've not been doing a good job of maintaining. Next time we'll yell louder and use names.

---Lake Lover in Halifax

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