Take your aggression elsewhere asshole

After this past weeks critical mass got broken up by the oh so friendly police officers, a few of us decided to bail on the ride because it was getting out of hand and angry.

What went down afterwards though, made me loose pretty much all respect for the HRM Police (but, sadly didn't really surprise me). We left, and rode away down another street, in the opposite direction of the cyclists who continued on with the ride, a few minutes later we were confronted by a police van with flashing lights that pulled out in the intersection blocking the entire right hand lane we were riding in. He made no actual attempt to stop us, or move out of the way, so we rode around him. At this point he pulled out behind us and revved his engine, and sped past us closer than any car really should. You know, that thing that asshole drivers do when they want to scare cyclist for fun.

I get that you had just dealt with a bunch of angry cyclists, but that does not give you the right to break traffic laws anymore (blocking traffic, speeding, reckless driving, etc) than the cyclists you were just yelling at, and it certainly doesn't give you the right to endanger the lives of three cyclists. (Also, how did you even know we were at the Critical Mass? Or if we were one of the cyclists who were yelling back? Or were you just taking out your aggression on any cyclist you saw?) Obviously he must have known that he was breaking a few laws otherwise he wouldn't have speed away through the yellow light so we couldn't get his van number.

Hope that buzzing by three totally unprotected cyclists in you 2 ton van made you feel like a big man.

---Anon, for fear the police van will hunt me down and try to hit me, again.

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