smoking vs. non-smoking

you know what really pisses me off,non smokers dictating the way i should lead and live my's a thought for all a smoker,i pay one fuck of a lot more taxes than a non smoker,there fore my health dollars help you out more than myself. big deal that i smoke,when i die,you non smokers will still reap the benifits of my taxes that i paid in,to be able to use the machinery that my smoke taxes went for. and add to that,smokers die sooner,so you nons will get more health care,draining a reserve,that you go to a hospital for a sniffle.sure you will live longer,but you will use more services while being so.

and here's another thought,the government wants to crack down on illegal smokes,here's a clue kelly and all other government know nothings,take the damn things you have now in custody,sell them at the booze stores for 25 bucks a's a win win thing stop the criminals from profiting,you stop younger kids from buying them,you give the smoking voters cheaper cigs,and you make a bundle of cash for your governments.split the ammount charged with the government,and booze stores.that way,you will make 12.50 each on the deal,vs. the zip you get from this crime bullshit you always spout off about.and by the way,a pound of crack would take up less space,and be more cost effective,than a pound of smokes.anyone can do the math.SMOKERS UNITE NOW,OR WE LET THE NONS CONTROL YOUR FUCKING LIVES.


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