park ranger danger

This goes out to the park ranger at point pleasant park who could have been a nice guy but instead decided to be a complete asshole to my family and I. I'm fucking sorry that I didn't see the sign that said I couldn't walk my dog on the main path after ten am...maybe that's because there were about 50 other people there with their dogs...not on the right path. But I even said I was sorry and didn't see the sign and I was from out of town TO WHICH YOU FUCKING SAID "mam I don't care if your from out of town I still give tickets to violators". Jesus man come down off your high horse! Maybe you shouldn't be driving on the walking trail! Oh and thanks for not giving us a map or telling us how to get back to the king lot using the dog trails when we asked...we got lost. So thanks for being of no help and going on a power trip...but remember its fucking tourist season and people make mistakes, get some fucking manners asshole.

---pissed off parker

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