Dear Neighbour

I could understand if we had been loud, or even perhaps if we had been loud earlier that night. But we were sleeping, we had watched tv until about midnight. What is your problem? You first started pounding on your ceiling (which is our floor), then after a few minutes of that you started pounding on your wall. It is six am, we were sleeping, we weren't making any noise. If it had just been the wall you were pounding on I would think that perhaps you had to fix something or for some reason were putting a picture up. But the ceiling too?

If there was a problem with noise why not just knock on a person's door? I really don't know how much noise someone can make while asleep...just let me get some rest.

Before you pound on walls and floors perhaps you should investigate where the noise you are pounding about is coming from. You are after all surrounded by apartments below, above and next to. You've done this before when I was reading, I yelled we aren't the ones making noise you've always stopped. My patience is wearing thin. Just knock on a door and ask someone to quiet down.

---Can't wait to not live in apartments

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