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I am a girl who likes to bike. I live in halifax, but my parents, some friends and my school are in Dartmouth. I try as much as I can to get on my bike and take the journey over to D-town. However, the ferry (although very enjoyable) is $2.25 and my school (NSCC) does not suport cheap bus passes through tuition. I enjoy biking over the bride, but I do not enjoy the INSANE and UNESSISARY ramp to get onto and off of the bridge with my bike. I do not understand why the rail from the bridge continues all the way down the ramp. I live on Chebucto, so why is it again that I am forced to bike down to Barrington when getting onto and off of the bridge? Not only is this an incredibly confusing set up, but it is also dangerous. When returning home I have to move to the right side of the street, which means crossing the steep ramp. Cars drive very fast off the bridge, around the corner and down the hill onto Barrington. It is scary sometimes, bikers cannot see cars and cars cannot see bikers.

This awkward situation could be fixed if there was a hole in the rail when the bridge meets the street. Nothing fancy, just a hole big enough to get a bike through. I think more bikers would use the bridge and it would just make for a much more enojyable ride!


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