I'll be hitting your kids while I'm reading your sign.

To the set of jackass parents in Portland Estates: Try fucking teaching your kids NOT to go into the road or actually keeping an eye on them. Using that cute little yellow sign instead that says "WARNING: CHILDREN PLAYING' is setting yourself up to GET your kids ploughed. Reading that POS meant that by the time I was past your giant SUV(great place to put it, btw, in front of a visual obstacle and 4 fucking feet INTO THE STREET), if either one of your kids had decided to run out from behind it, I would have probably run them down. I'd already noticed your kids on the grass, and your bubblewrap crap distracted me.

I'm tired of seeing the fucking thing, it pisses me off, and eventually I can see it creating a shitload of problems and I'm calling someone about bylaws to get up in your shit.

---Oh look, a warning si-*THUD*

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