Ain't Walking Briskly

What's that you said? I'm not walking fast enough? Just because I'm in a cross walk doesn't mean I can take my time? I should skip to and get the hell out of the way as quickly as possible?

I don't expect you to modify your driving in any way when you have the right of way and I don't. I don't expect you to yield the right of way to me when it's rightfully yours, and you have no right to expect it of me when the tables are turned. It's a two way street, so to speak. If I want to cross the street in a place where I don't have the right of way, I cool my heels and wait for as long as it takes, until I can get across the street without getting in anyone's way. I expect you to do the same. Wait. For as long as it takes. Just like I do. You expecting me to scurry across a crosswalk so you can get on your way a few seconds sooner is Exactly the Same Thing as me expecting you to slow down so I can dart across in the middle of the block without waiting those few extra seconds. There is no difference, except for the fact that you can hurt me and I can't hurt you. But I'm assuming we're all civilized people and nobody wants to hurt anybody.

So get over yourself, and get over the attitude that my rights are an unreasonable infringement on yours.


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