have some respect at public events!

I took my family down to buskers tonight, sat down for the 1st show and these 2 children were sitting in front of us, parents no where to be found, hitting each other with plastic clappers, jumping all over each other and running out into the stage. To the parents: get up off your lazy fat asses and control your damn kids! There is no need for them to be acting like monkeys during an act and running all over the place. Someone couldve taken them and you wouldn't have even noticed.

The next act we see, were standing towards the back. I'm only 5'2 and my kid is 6. Some stupid bitch, wearing WAY too much perfume, stands and front of us then calls their friends to join them because there's "lots of room". Learn some fucking respect and don't stand in front of people who are shorter then you. And please don't bath in stinky perfume before you go out!

---just trying to enjoy the shows

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