why tailgate me?

I wasn't the one going 40 in a 60 zone - that was the car in front of me! So pinning yourself to my bumper really wasn't doing any good. If fact, even if I were the driver at the front of the pack, tailgating me doesn't do much good. The closer you get, the slower I go, and no, it's not to piss you off further because I know you're suffering plenty if you're that easily frustrated. I slow down because you're putting my life at risk and I'd rather get rear ended at the slower speed.

By the way, I pulled over the first safe spot I could, and so did 40, and you're leaning on the horn as you passed was pathetic. 40 was pretty clearly looking for a driveway or something, which can be kind of hidden on the Sambro Road, so think a little harder next. Maybe it's time to take up mediating, or heavier meds.

---i hate tailgaters

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