District 9

9:35 showing of the movie and you couldn't just shut the fuck up. Every fucking thing that happened you had some sort of loud response to that you felt everyone in the theater should be aware of.

"Oh he's eating catfood! HAR HAR HAR GROSS, isn't that gross? HARDY HAR FUCKIN HAR!!!"

"Inter species prostitution! GASP! EEEWWW"

"BABY ALIENS! AWWWWWWW, isn't it cute!? AWWWWW!!!"

SHUT THE FUCK UP! I didn't pay twenty bucks to listen to your inane blather pointing out shit that everyone is already aware of.

"OMG they're gonna cut his arm off! OMG GROSS, AUGH SICK!"

I hope your arm gets cut off by an alien baby armed a jagged edged cat food tin while you get sodomized over and over by an inter species prostitute. I'll just sit there loudly narrating the whole thing back to you, "OMG I THINK HE'S GOING TO CUT YOUR ARM OFF! YEAH HE'S DEFINITELY GONNA CUT IT OFF! LOOK AT HOW SHARP THAT IS! HEY! HEY!! THAT CAT FOOD TIN IS REALLY SHARP! JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW! IS HE STILL CUTE!? OH! GOD DAMN! YOU'LL BE LIMPING TOMORROW!!! TRY TO RELAX YOUR SPHINCTER!!!"

--- A good movie ruined

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