Hot Girls

What is with physically "hot" women having such a chip on their shoulder? ( Please note the quotation marks around hot )

I know every guy with a hard on has been trying to fuck you since you were 16 and people bend over backwards for you in life because you hit the genetic lottery but can you lose the attitude for second?? even one?

You can tell almost immediately and with almost pin point accuracy the women who were hot since puberty and the ones who grew into their hotness later in life AFTER they developed some real character.

Chicks who think they have been the belle of the ball since 16 make me sick they way they expect other people to dance for them, and it makes me embarrassed as a male when guys fall at their feet. To the truly hot women who have something interesting to say and a sense of humour to boot - Here's to you!

I have always said my favourite kind of hot girl is the one who was a nerd/outcast/overweight in highschool then moved away from whatever redneck town they are from and exploded into a hot 20 something. They are just way more interesting to talk to than the bar stars who either have their finger or cock stuck down their throat 7 nights a week.

---Late bloomer, proud of it

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