bitching 101


I F@#$ing hate private colleges !

- who over charge for shitty and below industry teaching standards

I can’t get a job in my industry - unless the paper french-fry holder at MacDonald’s resembles some shocking new trend in the print industry

- because -

HELLO HELLO I wasn’t educated properly!!!

If colleges and universities are not educational institutions anymore governed by the government

- shocking concept I know -

but businesses that are free entities

- cant I wipe my ass and return my diploma ?

Like returning my copy of house season 1 that wont read in my DVD player to the half sober bearded female Wal-Mart employee

For a refund of the money/time I spent - 3 years learning what I thought I needed to know

And now the turn about that the "education" I received was partial truths and whole lies

Of a main teaching scheme of this private college was "just fake it till you make it"

Of professors who would rather work on their own things - online rpg’s and book deals - than actually teach

And perhaps you think I dint study hard enough, or that I just need to work from the grown up I’ve had shit jobs and I’ve paid my dues/and I was in the top percentile of my graduating class

and as for those other students- my peers my classmates who I adore knowing worked just as tirelessly alongside me and taught me more than I could have ever hoped/imagined to have been taught by any school......very few of them are working in the industry either

And perhaps by some coincidence this has all timed out happening unfortunately to many and not just us students as we spiralled into this economic down turn

I just think something needed to be said for those of us who moved on gracefully from kindergarten /elementary/ high school to college and university believing the world before us was just and true and if we fallowed our dreams in all honesty - studying and doing your very best along the path of education- with hopeful parents cheering us on from the sidelines or struggling along diligently on our own forging our own paths into this world

That we would somehow be rewarded- for going along like the good little sheepole we were

Perhaps I was naive , unprepared for the cruelty of the world set before me

But I will not compromise my self nor my morality and I will find employment in a world I can only hope someday

Will say enough is enough.--- Dunce cap kid

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong” ~Voltaire

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