Enough of the hate!


So the latest rise in the tax on a pack of fags has lead to an increase in the government coffers, but NO reduction in smoking. And yet the anti-tobacco facists sitting in their "caf├ęs" are applauding this latest 'sin tax' like it's the opening of the great gates of Kiev...!

When in actual fact, we are looooong overdue for a 'sin' tax on caffeine, aren't we, including the discarded cups that decorate our beloved city. I propose to start with 50 cents per 100 mg of caffeine (the widest used addictive drug in the world)...of course this will rise with every budget. A further 10 cent bounty on the cups will suffice. Furthermore, why not use the 5 bucks-a-pack tax already ON smokes and put a penny-a-butt bounty? Watch and learn folks, as the cigarette cash cow actually does something useful...

And "when", not "if", the caffeine tax is introduced, I will personally stand (5 meters) outside your coffee shop doors, smoking my Indian smokes and laugh my arse off at you smug, caffeine-riddled, nuerotic, shaking, car-swerving, one-hand driving-killers-of pedestrians, coffee-swilling hypocrites...

---baD mR fRosTy


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