Mind your own business

Im still fairly new to the neighbour hood, way to make me feel welcome. The first thing you did when I moved in, oh next door neighbour, was warn me about a select few other neighbours that I should avoid. Fine, appreciated, but here is the kicker, those two in particular you warned me about have been very nice to me, you on the other hand cant keep your negative mouth shut about anything, When I check my mail and mow my lawn is MY Buisness, you never have anything nice to say to me and quite frankly im tired of it. The other day I finally got the balls to tell you to mind your own buisness, and what did you do? You, a grown man (what are you, 60 or so?) threaten to punch me in the face after I shut the door (how cowardly can you get?) forgetting that I have open windows and can hear your senile rambling. Perhaps if you did stop worrying about what everyone else does you would be happier in general. You make another threat like that and you can expect a visit from the police, so ask yourself, is it really worth it? All I want is to be left alone. I'm just trying to live and raise my child in peace, so buzz off, shut up and mind your own god damned buisness.

---No more nosey neighbours

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