Yet Another One


So I was lucky enought to get a ticket to the Modest Mouse show last night. For the most part it was really great.

My friend and I got there pretty early to secure a spot close to the front. By the time the band came on it was bumper to bumper and 40 degrees. (There's no air conditioning at the Forum) That's fine. We didn't mind being sweaty and crowded. It's a rock show after all.

But as soon as the lights went down three people around us started smoking. And I'm not talking joints either. They started chain smoking cigarettes. Joints I could have handled. I find that smoke way less irritating. But my friend and I had to move from our plum spot to get away from it.

I promise you I'm not some anti-smoking nazi. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. I really don't care what other adults do as long as it doesn't affect me. But when you choose to light up in a very hot confined space it does affect me. And it's against the law.

So thanks for that. We had to move from our great spot because a handfull of people were being selfish jerks. Fortunately the Forum is small and there pretty much isn't a bad seat in the house.

Yeah yeah yeah. I should have told security. I know. But it pisses me off that adults who obviously know the rules choose to break them anyway because they don't care about anyone else.

---Girl with the sore throat today.


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