A police officer smoking in the patrol car and then littering!!!???


Ok, first of all I know that there have been 1000 bitches on here before about smokers and their throwing their butts on the ground. I happen to be a non-smoker completely against it but I'm really trying to mellow out about it as I really can't do anything about it or see it stopping. Litter does blow though, of any type, it's really sad that people have no respect for the environment we all have to live in... Anyhow, I'm not looking to start that debate up again, but this morning I saw something that just astounded me and I just have to bitch about it... and hope that someone in the police force actually reads this. At 8:20 this morning, August 20th on North Park St, a brunette female officer driving car number 60 was smoking... which I had never, ever seen an on-duty officer do before, then she tossed her butt out the window! I know what some of you will say, get a life, stuff like that. But really, there are litter laws in HRM, which would be enforced (if there was actually any enforcement)by police officers, now tell me how that officer would treat a litter complaint? Needless to say she'd probably toss it on the ground. Ok, I'm done, and I know I'm going to get flamed by a lot of people, but really, that just didn't seem right to me and I just had to bitch about it, which is why this forum exists I suppose.

---Litter Hater


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