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I'm going to scream if I get one more email asking me to help "save the Canadian Networks"...For what? So I can sit in front of my tube and watch ANOTHER of these ridiculous "crime" shows?! Who watches these things anyway? Do you think you're learning something?

The "science" used on these idiotic shows is beyond belief! Do you think an electron microscope really shows an image like that? It reminds me of the view through binoculars in a Hollywood movie for heaven's sake.

One after another of these stupid American shows, every night of the week, why would I want to "save" that programming?

And the "reality" shows? There were funny at first 10 years ago, until every waitress and cab driving celebrity hopeful decided that this was a faster way to success, other than giving handjobs to second-rate agents...

I've got an idea fo a "Survival" show - put 20 Canadian network suits in a life raft in the mid-Pacific with no fresh water and lots of salty food, hmmm, maybe some beef JERKY or a cooler full of DONAIRS...and come back in a month...

And how the hell did our "national" network end up showing a bunch of money-hungry Yanks spinning a giant roulette wheel and trying to spell grade 7 words? WTF is this shite? What happened to the effin' Beachcombers for fuck sake?

Save the networks, my arse!

Gulp gulp...wanna buy a vowel?

Good grief.

---baD mR fRosTy

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