Smoking cops are the least of our worries...

Can everybody shut the fuck up about the smoking cop?

This is how far the anti-tobacco hysteria has come. Throughout the country, Canadians are finally coming to realize what many of us have known for years - that "law enforcement" attracts a higher percentage of bullies, liars and border-line sociopaths than exists in the general population. THAT'S the crisis we have. And the best bitch Coast readers can come up with is more whinging about fucking tobacco?

That really is pathetic. The only point here is that yes, we can get stupidly "fined" for a butt. Cigarette buts are everywhere now, more than ever because there are no longer ashtrays and smoking areas to contain them...careful what you wish for...and that really IS bullshit. And so, I am actually drafting a letter to the HRM drawing attention to this seemingly trivial incident, as ridiculous as the whole thing IS...only because I too have heard of the RCMP stopping a 100,000 lb. transport for flicking a butt. What fucking BS. Do what I do - "Field strip" the hot ash off the butt, and then tuck it harmlessly back into the pack...OR, flick it curbside when out. Fines for a butt, from cops, are you kidding me? The defense to use here is that "it was just an ash"...which will lead to the surreal situation of RCMP "scientists" demanding a DNA sample, and coellecting and testing the last quarter mile of butts... as well as lawyers defining at what specific mass does something become "litter"? E.G. - everyday we discard billions of our dead skin cells....oh oh...

The problem, as I see it, is lack of ashtrays and properly ventilated smoking areas.

And so, not only do we have more butt litter outdoors, but now bars are almost inhabitable now due to the reeking BO and cheap perfume that used to be masked by a bit of smoke...

Butts on the ground are not harmful, at all, to 'the environment''s just litter. Perhaps it's unpleasant for you to look at...but so are your coffee cups and, to me, many of your scowling and unsmiling faces what? Mother Nature doesn't care about litter...she has more to worry about, trust me.

As the earth continues to be raped to support your iPod-wearing, big-house dwelling, new car driving, latest fashion-wearing, new camera every 6 months-buying, latest cel-phone-carrying, Cancun-flying, materialistic, competitive and selfish "western" culture...she now has to contend with billions of more folks who, thanks to having gathered around the village satellite dish watching reruns of "Friends" and the "superbowl" ads, now want THEIR piece of the pie! Good for them!

And you can't stop it, unless you're willing to take a hit on your own cushy sandal-wearing lifestyle - you know, the one where you think that as long as you recycle and change your lightbulbs you're "doing your part"!

Good grief.

So go ahead, cram your stockings full, and shove that new flat-screen into the kitchen....but it's YOU that are the problem, not the billion people around the world that derive a little comfort from tobacco, you sad pathetic hypocrites...

---baD mR fRosTy

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