Stupid Cops


This bitch goes out to the cops who held my one friend for questioning and took my other SOBER friend to the drunk tank last night (thursday the 20th) at a certain bar famour for its powerhour from 9-10 on that night.

Just because somebody forgot to pay their tab during a big party does not mean they are committing fraud. It was his dads credit card, he had all the proper ID and there was no grounds to hold him. If my friend was a white kid from oakville then he never would have been given a second look but just because he is black he was held, questioned and put into the back of a cop car just because the tab slipped his mind (which he immediately went to pay when he was told he forgot)

Second, when my other friend comes over and asks "why are you holding my friend, is there anything i can do to help sort this out?" you do NOT arrest that person for public intoxication. He was not given a breathalizer, not given a chance to go home or anything. He spend 8 hours in the drunktank with people that smelled like shit all because the stupid cops are on a power trip to the max. Boy did you sure look stupid when you let my first friend go because there was no evidence and no grounds to hold him. You were still happy though because at least you got to arrest somebody.

What im trying to say is Fuck the police, why are there 4 of you harassing young canadians who are causing no trouble at all, and stop the fucking racial profiling. It is embarrassing to you and gives me a foul taste for public servants in general.

---Great Night Ruined by the Fuzz

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