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This is something I witnessed while on my trip to Glasgow, Scotland when I used a computer at a library the other day. I’m a user of my local library in Halifax and I hope I NEVER see this happen back home….

To the fucking wide jerk in the library. How dare you treat library staff like that! If you ask for computer help, let them help you and don’t tell them that you had ‘computer courses so you know more than they do’. And don’t tell them that you’re going to ‘tell their manager’ because you are too stupid to listen to their advice and move your stupid page indent down by simply pressing the Enter key. And for god’s sake! If an elderly disabled woman accidentally bumps into you on your way out, don’t glare at her and snap at her saying ‘watch where you are going’. I’ve only seen you momentarily in the library, but I can’t even imagine what living with you is like. I feel sorry for your husband and kids, if you have any. What the hell is wrong with you? What goes through your mind when you treat people like that? I hope other people treat you twice as bad at your job. You must be one piece of work if you treat an older handicapped lady like that, not to mention the friendly girl who bit her tongue and tried to help you even when you were yelling in her face! I can’t believe people like you roam the earth who deliberately search out folk to be rude to. Seriously, I can’t wait for the day when asshole customers like you wont be tolerated. I’m sure most of us have a customer horror story to tell, and boy you are mine and you weren’t even MY customer! How bad is that?!


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