Pompous Jerks

I went into Sobeys to get milk and juice, right before they closed tonight. As I walked into the aisle, past about five college boys who were congregating around started staring me up and down, as one of them said a drawn out "hiiii'' sketchily. Now I know this is going to come off as a "oh you were just being sensitive, lighen up" kind of bitch. But REALLY...the whole check out process lasted about three excruciating minutes and I got at least 7 ''hi's'' in that time and a painful laugh at by all of them. I've never gotten heckled before this blatantly so my face was going all red and my knees started buckling. Seriously, and I was only wearing acceptable length shorts and a tank top because it was so hot! It's not like I was dressed like a skank! I nearly dropped my milk as I walked out the door.

Really, WHY THE FUCK do guys think it's OK to do this to girls? It's so fucking immature and rude and low and UNMANLY...like what is the point??? I was embarrassed out of my mind to say the least. What am I supposed to do, wear a trash bag from now on?? Gimme a break.

To all guys here that have ever done this, especially probably ''LIFE SUCKS'' (b/c you seem like the kind of ignorant asshole that would do something like this) FUCK YOU!!! It's not a compliment, it's DEGRADING. TREAT WOMEN WITH RESPECT OR I'LL TREAT YOU TO A KICK IN THE CARATID.



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