Invasion of the Living Dead

My neighbourhood has been taken over by Zombies--young adults and teens mostly. They lurch and shuffle along the streets mostly unaware of the doings of the living. Their eyes are glazed over and unfocused. When spoken to, one gets the impression that there is a great distance between where they are at and where you are standing. Their blurry, mumbled responses are vague and often senseless, and their movements slow and weighty.

Yet, they can be dangerous. Bouts of rage and frenzy can overtake them. Unreasonable fits of screaming, crying and violence can suddenly erupt. They can hurt you, but more often, they hurt themselves.

The zombistic state is not caused by a virus or a curse, as myth would have it. As well, the state of being a zombie is reversible. Since the state is caused by the ingestion of easy-to-access, prescription pills, recovery is virtually guaranteed--if they are not killed while in the zombie state.

But, there is a problem. The fear and anxiety caused by life's challenges that led the person to become a zombie in the first place are still intact. The pill only masked the emotions, it did not cure them, and its side-affects (suicidal thoughts, irrationality, rage, etc.) have now compounded the problem . So, how does one convince a zombie to feel the very pain (and more) that originally caused it to embrace the state of the living dead? As well, how does one deter an overwhelmed human from seeking escape into the zombie state in the first place?

---Resident of Zombieville

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