Tuesday night

What the fuck is wrong with you?! You offer to buy me a drink, I say "No, thank you". You buy it anyway from across the bar, I refuse to drink it. Ten minutes later you sneak up behind me on the dance floor and put your hand on the small of my back. I keep moving away until I get fed up and yell "NO" again. What the fuck do you think "no" means? Do you think that just because you tried to buy me a drink you get a dance? Ten minutes later you're back, with another drink. I say "no", AGAIN. You try to grind with me, or whatever the fuck that was. I shove you away and tell you to "fuck off" and you, good sir, spit in my face... and run! FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE. If I ever see you again, I'm going to put my foot so far up your ass it'll come out of your mouth. You messed with the wrong girl, I'm capable of bringing you down and I will. Pray you never see me again, motherfucker.


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