Balls = Might?

Ok WTF is it, really, with people that compare having balls to being the elite alpha male? Like, ''That guy has HUGE balls for slaying that grizzly bear 4 times and then eating it'' or, ''grow some balls and fight me, noob!"

Really? Really really? It's just like so stupid. I'm a girl, so should I say to another girl who I hate, ''Hey bitch, grow some tits and tell me what you think of my orange blouse, or I'll rip yo nips off"

or, "Wow, Tabitha really has some tits, she just ripped that guy's toenail off!" I know plenty of guys that are cowards and have balls. Your male anatomy will not make you a.) stronger b.) more fearsome c.) invincible d.) able to eat 30,000 packets of Swedish Fish in less than an hour. I'm sorry. It's just annoying. Excuse my vulgarities.


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