Another skateboarding bitch

Printing this statement "skateboarding in town is actually on the decline right now, especially around the skatepark, due to the police enforcing the helmet law. “They’re handing out $140 fines to 14-year-old kids and taking away their skateboards,” says Arsenault. “Cops don’t want kids to exercise. Skateboarding sits lower than soccer or basketball on the head injury list, and they don’t need to wear helmets.” as stated in their best skateboarders bio piece in Best Of.

Either you don't care how you made this poor kid look stupid or you are so anti establishment that you feel that kid's reasoning/logic was worth printing. Skateboarding on the decline because of a fucking helmet law? Are you fucking kidding me? It is called ebb and flow, all things go through periods of more and less popularity. Too bad this kid did not take the opportunity to promote his sport instead of blaming an imaginary, unnatural decline illogically on the police. A lot of people sacrificed a lot and gave a lot to make that skatepark a reality and it is too bad people choose to give others a bad name by not following a SOOOO SIIIMPLE law.

If you choose not to follow it and get a ticket too fucking bad. If you quit something you love because you cannot do it without a helmet you have no passion for what you love so go buy a more fat kid! Being a leader or a hero in this case sometimes means being a role model. Being a whiner is a very poor example and does nothing but further perpetuate the stereotypes surrounding this sport. Build your sport, don't make excuses as to why it is on the decline...and shame on the Coast for printing this shit and making him look like a fool when I am sure he is not as dumb as this sounds.

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