McD's Killers - What is justice then?

What exactly are you hoping for with your facebook group, "Keep the Bastards in Jail- Mc Donald's Murderers"?

Introduction of the death penalty? Redefinition a 'life term'? The abolishment of double-jeopardy statutes? Better "rehabilitation"? That after having served their time and undergone 20+ years of "rehabilitation" that ex-cons should not be privileged to see what's happened in the world over the past 20 years or learn any coping skills for it but be stripped of any wealth their families may have prepared for them so they're ejected from prison as the most wretched and hopeless of our society? Don't you think we have enough of them?

Just what are you trying to do? Just what is good enough for you? Maybe you should trying living in jail for 20 years before assuming you can even be close to the same person you were while incarcerated. You may not be "cured" but you sure the fuck wouldn't do anything else that would cost you another 20 year incarceration with the world a watchin', would ya? Well, these people are but PEOPLE. And our system is supposed to be "rehabilitating" offenders. It's in nobody's best interests to house criminals for their entire lives over the same crime or to have a sentence arbitrarily added to or to rescind sentencing 20 years after the fact. Are you out of your mind? That's why many have declined showing support for your USELESS group.

If you were a more open-minded, thoughtful person we could have had this discussion on your group but you're too dam predictable.


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