Dear halifax drivers

as a more frequent pedestrian and cyclist than driver, i am sick to fucking hell of getting almost hit by asshole drivers in their metal boxes. LOOK AROUND YOU. 'cause guess what? you hit another car, big deal. your premiums go up. you hit ME, pregnant and toting my 6 year old, and i'm fucking dead. or, in the very least, hospitalized with dreams of homocide.

yesterday (friday) i had some moronic douchebag have the nerve to give ME the finger when i stepped, carefully, out on the crosswalk with my arm outstretched and the other cars stopped. he barely stopped in time. i would have called the cops on him to report dangerous driving (token gesture, i know) but he was some inconsiderate southern wank (i'm allowed to insult, being dual citizen myself) who couldn't be held responsible for his own actions. or even chastised!

i am sick sick sick of getting nearly plowed down by drivers all over the city (busy intersection or not, crosswalk lights & sounds or not).

i'm devising a system which i hope to implement with all the other peds/cyclists in this otherwise lovely city; it's modeled after a european system wherein cyclists and pedestrians slap on a sticker to the offending vehicle that alerts everyone who sees it to their offensive and inconsiderate ways. the glue used on these stickers doesn't like paint. or should i say, it REALLY likes paint. you have to sand those puppies off. not dangerous or all too damaging, but definitely peevish to those less-endowed, value-challenged losers who prize their stupid metal boxes over basic courtesy or human life.

does everyone really need to go SO FAST to get where they're going?

---mama's gonna knock you out


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