Absent Listening Skills

To a certain Porter's Lake gas attendant... I said good morning. You ignored me and demanded money for the gas I just pumped in my car. I ask for a pack of Players Standard King. You look at me stupid and ask, "JOHN Players?" I nod with suspicions beginning to show on my face that you're a fucking idiot despite your advanced age. You ask blue or silver? I say blue because I don't know what the fuck silver is but I think you'd find "Light" or "Silver" in my request if that's what I wanted. Then you ask me small or large? Holy fuck, lady! I just want a pack of smokes. You can presume I don't want the special convenience pack because I didn't ask for it, did I? Can you be sure?

You take my credit card and hold it like it's your private property while I sign. The stupid thing is my signature has been worn off the card for some time now. Besides, you have a tap-and-go unit so why should you ever lay hands on my credit card let alone hold it like it's some kind of prize while sneering at me. I'll be sure to tell you to fuck off if you do that again.

You're muttering something about have a nice day ignoring me and playing with your cash register while I gather everything and said, "I said 'good morning', you know?" You didn't even hear me... AGAIN!! And if you did, you ignored me AGAIN!! I'm storming out of the store saying, "try LISTENING for a change" but you didn't stop for a minute talking to yourself, fuckwad!

People like you do NOT belong behind a counter. You have no business holding a customer "service" role with such serious lack of LISTENING SKILLS.

I'm gonna get your ass fired and not because this is the first time. I've heard stories just like this from family members but today is the first I've experienced your incompetence myself. I could have let it all go but when I finally got back on the road and opened my pack of smokes I realized you sold me regular sized and not king sized, about half my smoking pleasure for full price.

---Smoking Regular

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