I Love Halifax. Haligonians, not so much.

Listen, Canada-born white canadians, you're a dying breed. You need us, new immigrants. You need us to keep your housing market moving, to work in the IT sector, to fill up your schools and daycares, to take care of your elderly. Especially in the Atlantic, which has something like 0.4 percent of the country's immigrants. That is pathetic.

So, start acting a bit more friendly to immigrants- the visible and the audible minority. Stop avoiding eye contact. Stop pretending you don't see us- your painful efforts are noticeable and noticed. Stop not replying to our e-mails, not returning our calls and invites (you're glad to guzzle free "ethnic" food whenever/wherever it's offered to you, I notice). Stop acting as if you're doing us a huge favour by allowing us to be here. We came here legally- with visas which your government issued. Open your house and homes- we don't bite! Don't smile at us only when we're paying for something.

Oh, why do I even bother. Never mind. Our children will go to McGill and UofT, while yours are planting marijuana in Spryfield. And in fifty years time, YOU will be the visible minority.